Vanilla Coffee ☕️ Body Scrub
Vanilla Coffee ☕️ Body Scrub

Vanilla Coffee ☕️ Body Scrub

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Our vanilla scented coffee scrubs can help with an arrange of thing!


The benifits from using this amazing body scrub are:


- It reduces the appearance of cellulite on the body! (just this benefit alone is AMAZING)

-It improves blood circulation

-Its tightens  the skin due to the properties of the caffeine

-Removes dead skin cells and Bring new ones to the surface

-Adds a beautiful natural glow to the skin


How to use:

On clean skin, dampen the skin with water and apply body polish rubbing in back and forth motions for at least 15-20 seconds, a moisturizing, creamy lather should form, rinse off with warm water and pat dry with towel and enjoy nice, baby soft skin!


Note: our coffee scrub should be used no more than 3x a week.